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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Habits You Need To Give Up To Stay Happy

By On 12:46 PM

Typically we unknowingly hold on to little obsessive behavior that lead us at first-rate of dealing with pressure and sadness.Even if we experience that something is wrong, we fail to seek the changes we need to make and as a substitute hang to what’s now not operating, certainly because it’s what we’re conversant in.

You need kick it up cause it's time to make a change.  it’s time to give up the conduct that now serve not your so nicely being and embrace the wonderful changes you want to be glad with.

Here Are Few Things That pin Us Down From Attaining Happiness

1. Approximately Being Disturbed
Fear is the biggest happiness slayer ever. worry steals all of your attention and offers the phantasm which you are operating via trouble when you are not. worrying is like a rocking chair. it gives you some things to do, but it doesn’t get you everywhere.

Humans Entity fear for all forms of occurrence to escape fact, fear of the unknown, resistance to change, loss of self belief, and many others.

Set worry aside and embrace self-will, Because the extra you sink in it, the higher you will become at discerning while you are not controlling your mind and they're controlling you.

Heads-up: To disengage  your self, you need to ask yourself what needs to be done to make your life balanced and go ahead with it.

2. Procrastinating 
Procrastination is stagnation, there may be no other way to mention it.  while you procrastinate, nothing desirable in your existence is occurring.

We procrastinate for all types of reasons. while we are afraid of the outcome, we're unsure how to finish the challenge and whilst we simply don’t experience like taking motion.

The aspect is, we spend more time irritating ourselves with worry about how lengthy or how tough the project is going to be as opposed to simply doing it.  more often than now not, if you simply begin your venture, you'll be pleasantly amazed at how effortlessly you're able to do it.

Heasds-up:  whilst you experience yourself getting ready to procrastinate, silently say forestall to yourself, refocus and start once more with the aid of taking calculated motion in view to result in the outcomes you wish.

3. Judging Others
Judging a person makes you suffer, it is an outward show of inward inferiority and anger. No  person is better than another, the one who cleans the rest room at a fast food restaurant isn't any less of a person than the ceo that uses it.

Heads-up: Understand that we are all part of the collective human race.  we are one. your joy is my pleasure and your suffering is my suffering.

4. Inferiority Complex 
Inferiority is a deep, debilitating emotion, with complicated roots.  its partners are guilt, humiliation, demoralization, disgrace shame, degradation and regret. After experiencing a worrying event, whether latest or within the distant beyond, inferiority can hang-out victims in a powerful and regularly unrecognized way.

It impairs the recovery and healing technique causing victims trauma to stay frozen, unable to forgive themselves for being in the wrong region at the incorrect time. It leaves victims with feelings of unhappiness and ache on the core in their being. They are unable to experience the fullness of joy in their lives.

If you feel any inferior at all, well-known it upfront.  decide to test on forgiving your self and letting cross of the disgrace.  how long are you able to pass without reminding yourself about the shameful mind and feelings?  how could lifestyles be specific or better if you have been capable to forgive yourself?  who are you able to communicate this to?

Heads-Up: The greater you can do is to forgive yourself, the extra time is to the need to cognizance your thoughts on happier times.

5. Comparing Your Life To Others
It is good to dream what others are doing every so often, after all, that is what helps us define what we need and don’t need in our personal lives. However comparing your self to absolutely everyone else every step of Life is the way which takes it too unhealthy. If this happens you found yourself dwelling in other people desires and not dwelling in yours.

Heads-Up: you should be precise in everything you want irrespective of how difficult you try to be like others, you'll by no means be them, if you walk in your shoes.

This was originally posted on my first blog juliasguide.com

Friday, April 20, 2018

We Love Cookies, New Recipe

By On 11:53 PM


Today am sharing my CRISPY cookies RECIPE. The kids were on holiday and snack a lot apparently I was baking alot of snacks for them which I will share with you in another post .So on this very day, I decided to bake cookies, I got my RECIPE Manual and set out to bake. With the listed ingredients below I made a crispy cookies of different shape with its cutter.

2 and half cups all purpose flour

Half cup sugar but if you want it very sweet use 1 cup sugar

1 cup  butter or 225g butter

1 tsp vanilla (optional)

A pinch of salt.

1 egg yolk.

15ml cold water.

1 tsp baking powder (optional)

Sift flour and  baking powder in a clean and dry bowl,  add sugar, salt and combine. Add butter, egg yolk, vanilla. Mix with hand very well until fully combine add the water and fold in. Cover the bowl or rap the dough in a foil and refrigerate for 1 hour. Then flour your board pay the dough and spread it with the rolling pin and roll the dough until smoothly combined. Cut your desried cookie size and lay it on a baking sheet. Bake in a preheated oven at 190 degrees, max 20-25 mins or until golden brown.

If you do bake this recipe, please can you share your  experience with us?

Thanks for reading

Monday, April 16, 2018

How To Care For A Parent With Osteoarthritis

By On 4:06 PM
Knee pain

Osteoarthritis is quite a common disease in elderly people. It occurs when the cartilage covering the bones that make up a joint undergo degeneration. It makes the bones rub on themselves, generating a lot of pain, discomfort, joint swelling, and stiffness.

The most commonly affected joints are the knees, hips and fingers. One reason why the knees and hips are majorly affected is that they play a huge role in bearing the body’s weight in activities like standing, walking, and running. This makes these joints more prone to being worn out.

Osteoarthritis affects so many elderly people in all countries of the world. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, it affects about 10-15% of all adults over 60 years old.

Because the disease can affect a person’s ability to move around and carry out their normal activities, it can cause a huge burden on the person suffering it and his or her immediate family. They often need assistance in performing tasks like walking, bathing, and sitting.

Knowing what to do when caring for a parent with osteoarthritis can make it easier to cope with for both the parent and the caregiver.

In this article, we will be teaching you practical steps to help you cope better when caring for a parent with this disease. Following these will help you avoid stress while being effective in improving the quality of life of your parent.

1. Avoid guilt or frustration

Many times some caregivers, especially biological children, may feel some guilt when attending to their parents with osteoarthritis. This is not going to do you any favour, as you will soon feel weary and burned out. You should realize that the fact that your parent developed arthritis isn’t your fault, and you don’t need to feel guilty. When you avoid this feeling, you’ll feel more motivated and encouraged to care for your parent better.

2. Educate yourself about osteoarthritis:

When you have to care for someone with this disease, you need to take time to learn as much as you can about it. Knowing what could worsen symptoms or what the best forms of treatment for your parent is, can go a long way in improving your parent’s quality of life. There are several ways you can learn about this disease, you can check reliable sites on the internet or even ask the physician attending to your parent directly.

3. Ensure they attend clinic appointments:

Another way to care for them is to make sure they meet up with their doctor’s appointments. You can try to keep a diary or set a reminder so that you don’t forget their appointment with the doctor. Even if your parent’s symptoms are improving and they feel minimal pain, you should still take them to the doctor to be sure of the state of things. Also, doctors may want to request follow up X-rays to monitor the progress of the disease.

4. Be sure of what medications they are taking:

Many seniors have a medication bag. If you happen to peep into this bag, you might be shocked at the number of different meds that are in there. Sometimes parents may be taking all of them, even when some are unnecessary. You should always remember to discuss the medications your parent is taking with the doctor, to be sure they are taking only what they need. This is important because you won’t want them coming down with side effects, and in old age, the lesser meds, the better.

5. Make sure they are safe at home:

Due to their symptoms, arthritic parents aren’t very mobile. This places them at risk of suffering falls, potentially fracturing their bones or dislocating their joints in the process.

So, you need to make their home more comfortable by installing some home safety products like handrails for walkways, lifts for stairs, grab bars in the bathroom, and even placing proper light sources around the home.

6. Encourage them to lose weight if overweight:

One major factor that can increase the likelihood that a person will come down with arthritis or worsen an existing arthritic joint is being overweight. So, if your parent’s weight is on the high side, you could encourage them to lose weight. Weight loss can improve a person’s painful symptoms drastically because there will be a decreased pressure on the arthritic joint, and the person will become more mobile.


Even though arthritis doesn’t have a cure yet, it can be properly managed. The role of caregivers in people with this disease can not be underestimated. If you have a parent with osteoarthritis, you need to apply the above principles to improve your parent’s quality of life and decrease the burden you’ll have to bear. You will also feel satisfied and happier knowing you are making a big difference.

Guest post by Dr. Charles-Davies OA of 25 Doctors, an online doctor consulting platform.

Purple Potatoes kill Colon Cancer Cells

By On 12:12 PM

Consuming  purple potatoes ought to lessen the chance of most developing colon cancers, according to a new research.
The pigs fed the vegetables were located with degrees of a dangerous protein that fuels tumours and different inflammatory bowel diseases were reduced by six instances.

Researchers say different colourful fruits and greens, inclusive of broccoli and pink grapes, should bring the equal beneficial consequences.
The findings upload to a body of studies that shows a 'rainbow weight-reduction plan' consists of a cocktail of anti inflammatory chemical substances that may save you chronic ailments.

Understanding how these meals compounds work at a molecular level may want to cause new pills for most cancers and other doubtlessly deadly conditions, said the team from pennsylvania country college.
Meal scientist Professor Jairam Vanamala explained that ancient understanding, as well as cutting-edge evidence, suggests plant primarily based diets can potentially save you an expansion of chronic illnesses, together with type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease or even most cancers.

Whilst you eat from the coloured vegetables and fruits, e.g. grapes, potatoes, broccoli.
We are not presenting one compound, we're supplying a wide form of compounds, thousands of them, that paintings on more than one pathways, and reason the self destruction of most cancers stem cells.'

Colorful flowers, together with the red potato, include bioactive compounds, which include anthocyanins and phenolic acids, which have been linked to most cancers prevention, explained professor vanamala.
AS an exampwhite potatoes may additionally have helpful compounds, but the purple potatoes have tons extra concentrations of these anti-inflammatory, anti oxidant compounds,' he stated.
We use the purple potato as a version and desire to analyze how other flowers may be used in the future.

As opposed to promoting a pill, we are able to sell fruits and vegetables which might be very wealthy in anti-inflammatory compounds to counter the growing problem of persistent disease.
Presently, anti-il-6 pills are used towards certain sort of rheumatoid arthritis and are being considered to treat other inflammation-promoted continual diseases like bowel cancer. however they're high-priced and can motive side consequences.
The weight-reduction plan method to cancer remedy has additionally proven comparable promise in mice, professor vanamala added.

Signs Of Bowel Cancer:

■ Persistent blood inside the stools – that occurs for no obvious reason or is related to a trade in bowel dependancy

■ A continual trade in your bowel dependancy – which normally means going greater often, with looser stools

■ Continual lower belly (tummy) pain, bloating or soreness – that's always as a result of consuming and may be related to lack of appetite or widespread unintentional weight loss

The signs of bowel most cancers may be subtle and do not always make you sense sick.
But it's well worth looking forward to a brief time to look if they get higher as the symptoms of bowel cancer are persistent.

In case you're uncertain whether to peer your gp, strive the bowel cancer symptom checker at your Local Clinic.

Friday, April 13, 2018

10 Natural Home Remdies To Resolve Dark Circles.

By On 10:10 AM
dark Circles

Dark Circles are a huge concern to an affected person, it's an issue that people seek to resolve and have a clearer smoother and even skin tone [colour].

Caveat Emptor: Always seek  medical advice to any possible concern of yours and be conscious of any information received online. Should in any case you notice any irritations please stop the application(s).

Below are some ways to end them with consistency.

1. Almond Oil 


Apply a little almond oil on the affected area.

2. Tomatoes Juice  


Grind fresh Tomatoes and apply the juice on your dark circles.

3. Tea-Bags

Dip Tea bag in a luke warm water and place it on the affected part.

4. Potatoes Juice   


Grate some potatoes and extract the Juice, now apply the juice on your dark circles.

5. Orange Juice   


MIX Orange juice and glycerine together, apply the mixture on the dark circles.

6. Cucumber   


Cut some thick slices of cucumber and place them over your eyes.

7. Almond and Fresh Milk   


MIX 1 tablespoon of Almond oil and few drops of fresh milk and apply on the affected area.

8. Mint Leaves   


Mix some mint leaves and few drops of water to form a paste and apply it on the affected area.

9. Cold Milk   


Use a cotton wool or balls, dip the wool inside a cold milk and place it on your dark circles.

10. Rosewater   


Dip a cotton wool or balls in a Rosewater and place it on your dark circles.

Hope you like it!!  Share your thoughts

Sunday, April 8, 2018

7 Fat Burner Drinks

By On 12:18 AM
Burner drinks

The Internet has made knowledgeable information available and accessible to our today's World.

Home Remedies are one of the safest way to achieve our struggle to have a healthy lifestyle. If the products are available and affordable in your locality, it will be of great benefits to try these methods of shedding some weight while engaging in exercise and physical activities that help us to keep fit.

Note: These methods are not miracle working methods, what I mean is dedication is key you need to keep taking them consistently to be able to see result, they are not a one off  method.

1. Metabolism Boosting Drink    

1 cup pineapple juice

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder

2 tablespoon lime juice

A pinch of black salt

Mix all together and drink daily, to help increase and boost your metabolism.

2. Citrus Belly Shrinker   

1/2 cup Pomegranate

1/cup grapefruit

1/2 teaspoon pure organic honey

A pinch of black salt

Mix all and drink preferably before eating breakfast.

3. Fenugreek Blast    

1/2 cup cucumber

1 cup water

2 teaspoons fenugreek seed

A pinch of black salt

Blend all and drink

4. Lime And Ginger     

1 cup cold water

1 inch ginger root

1/2 lime

1/2 teaspoon cumin powder

Blend ginger and the cumin powder with the cold water and extract the juice out, squeeze in lime mix well and drink.

5. Tomatoes And Lime Fat Burner   

1 cup tomatoe  juice

1/2 lime juice

A pinch of black salt

mix all together and drink

6. Lemonade     

1 lemon

1 teaspoon maple syrup

1/4 cayenne pepper

A pinch of salt

Mix together and drink for fast weight loss.

7. Celery Drink     

1/2 cup celery

1 teaspoon  Apple cider vinegar

1 cup of water

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Blend the mixture  and consume, it's a negative calorie drink.

Enjoy your Healthy drinks!!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Nigerian Buns Pastry

By On 5:02 PM

Buns is one easy and fast snack to make only if you get your measurements right. it takes 20-25 mins to serve hot tasty buns.

For those that doesn't know what BUNS means, it's an African pastry that requires frying.

I really don't know where the word BUNS originated from but many of us grew up to know that it is called BUNS and it's a very nice tasty snacks that when eaten with cold soft drinks keeps you filled up.

There are 2 methods but I am sharing the second conventional method that are mostly served as small shops in occassions.


2 cups of flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 small Egg [optional]

20g Margarine

3-4 tablespoon sugar

A pinch of salt

1 tablespoon powder Milk

A dash of Nutmeg [optional]

1 cup of Water


Sieve the flour and baking powder

Mix in Margarine with hand till its incorporated into the flour

Add the sugar, salt, milk and nutmeg

Add the Egg, pour in half of the water

Mix it together until you have loose batter, not runny

and no lumps, which means everything blended in well.

Heat your oil on medium heat, rinse your hand in water and scoop the batter with your wet hand [ this process is to avoid sticky batter on your hands and it will drop freely inside the oil].

Fry and turn it at intervals till all cooked and are golden brown.

Tips: If your batter is heavy add a little water.

it is better to add water little by little so that it will not be runny.





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