Momordica charantia is a tropical and subtropical vine of the family Cucurbitaceae, broadly developed in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean for its consumable natural product. Its numerous assortments vary generously in the shape and harshness of the natural product. Unpleasant melon started in India and was brought into China in the fourteenth century.

Natural Name: Momordica charantia Family: Cucurbitaceae (gourd family). Regular Names: Amber pear, harsh gourd, severe melon, karela, wild cucumber and unpleasant cucumber. If you live in Nigeria, it’s Neighborhood Names are: Okwunuolo (Igbo), Daddasu (Hausa) and Ejirin (Yoruba).

Few weeks ago my landlord came to me and explained that he’s having a serious HBP and show me all the medications and yet its seems he’s going to die,I just took him to the back of my house and look for this leaves in the picture.

I gave him so much asks him to simply crush and add water to it and drink half glass container before nourishment toward the beginning of the day and half glass likewise in the night three hours after food,before bed

Following couple of weeks he called in the event that I was at home,I just observed him accompanying a live chicken and offered it to me to express gratitude toward me and furthermore an envelop(I won’t disclose to you what was in the envelop)he said he sent for check subsequent to drinking d home grown arrangement of the leave he was shocked the weight has descended

Numerous individuals will peruse this and still trust its a lie,I simply implore you will help give it out to somebody in the event that you don’t accept it,save a spirit. At the present time more than 20 million Americans experience the ill effects of HPB,that’s pretty much all the populace in Ghana,you can envision that, kindly don’t hold up till you kill yourself since you didn’t accept

Thank the administrator and the person who made this page,many individuals wish they would have realized this long time,every time I lamented that I never knew this,if I had couple of years ago,my mother and my close relative wouldnt die,both passed on from hypertension, a word is sufficient for the shrewd

Readiness: Attachment much amount and squash it up with some amount of water and sifter to drink,half glass container toward the beginning of the prior day sustenance and half glass container in d night 3 hours in the wake of eating

WHERE Would i be able to GET THIS? These leaves are everywhere,even at d back of your yard.


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