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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Onion Juice Oil Recipe For Hair Growth

By On 5:31 PM

Onion has a lot of benefits for the hair. When you learn how to make onion juice for hair growth, you will find that it smells heavenly and your hair will love it.


Benefits of Onion for Hair

■Nourishes the hair follices

■Minimize breakage and thinning

 ■Anti-bacterial properties and help fight infections of the scalp.

■Reduces hair fall


■Ability to reverse the effects of premature greying.

■Provides healthy shine to hair

■Prevent Lice

■Thicken Hair

■Helps fight dandruff

■Improve blood circulation there by improving hair growth.

The smell of Onion Juice oil in the Hair is one thing that prevents people from using this natural hair growth treatment remedy, Adding essential oils to the onion juice after making it can help mask the smell of onion juice. Lemon oil and Lemongrass oil are one of the best essential oils for bad odor smell. They also have great benefits to hair. Lemon oil has antifungal properties that can help scalp control over production of oil and stimulate regrowth of hair. It also help clean the scalp by de-clogging hair follicles and prevent dandruff. Lemon grass contains citric acid, calcim, magnesium, vitamin C, pectin, and flavonoids. Lemongrass oil helps strengthen hair follicles and has antibacterial properties that promotes healthy scalp and produce healthy hair. However, if you are pregnant or nursing, do not use lemongrass oil.


■Yellow Onion has the most sulfur; key ingredient for benefits of onion)

■Chop Onion and blend it

■Strain the onion with a pantyhose or even a scarf or cheesecloth.

■Adding good scented essential oils are helpful in masking the smell. I like lemon, lavender or carrot oil.

■Apply only on the scalp

■Leave on for 1 hour (at least 15 mins)

■Shampoo hair and deep condition afterwards

Bonus Tips
Onion is packed with Vitamin C, Folate, Chromium and Quercetin. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties.

If you made Onoins juice oil would you mind sharing your outcome with us??
Would been delighted to read through and learn some few things.

Friday, May 18, 2018


By On 7:58 PM

Deep conditioning is one important step during your wash day and our super thirsty hair needs it a lot.


- Reduce hair breakage
- prevents splits ends
- prevents hair damage
- improves hair elasticity
- keps color treated hair healthy
- adds shine to hair


It depends from your hair, some naturalisters deep condition every time they wash their hair once a week, some every two weeks. Check what your hair needs and dance according t it.
You can wash your hair every 7/10 days and deep condition every 3 washes aproximately.

Below Is A Simple DIY Recipe To Deep Condition


■2 Over-ripe banana, or use more if you have a full hair

■1 very ripe avocado

■Half cup of honey

■Few drops of vegetable glycerine or aloe vera juice

■Extra virgin olive oil, castor oil or argan oil


■Blend all the ingredients for a smooth cream

■Make sure your hair is freshly shampooed and still wet

■Divide your hair in four or more sections

■Apply the mix to each section very well especially on the tips and twist if your hair is long enough

■Cover your hair with a plastic cap and your bonnet to steam for an hour or more

■Rinse your hair with water only ( no shampoo) and apply your homemade hair cream or butter,

A deep conditioning gives better result on clean hair and not dirty dry hair.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Benefits Of HONEY FOR Natural HAIR

By On 1:39 PM

Alot of us add honey to our meals, honey is healthy and provides us with a whole host of medicinal, nutritional, and cosmetic benefits. It's no surprise that this wonder food is sometimes referred to as Liquid Gold.

It’s use throughout history and has been well documented and this multipurpose product is used in most parts and in most cultures of the world. When it comes to natural hair care, honey is a popular ingredient in both manufactured products and DIY recipes.

Below Are Benefits Of Honey For Natural Hair

■Treats Dandruff

Incase you discover that shampoo excessively dry out your hair or that the fragrance of some hair oils are too gross to bear, then you should definitely give honey a try. A study published in the European Journal of Medical Research in 2001 concluded that the application of 9:1 of honey and lukewarm water mixture to affected areas relieved itching and flaking within one week, provided that the mixture was left on for three hours before rinsing. It was also found that 'skin lesions healed within two weeks and patients even showed an improvement in hair loss. The patients did not relapse even after six months of use.'
Honey possesses anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that keep the scalp free of bacteria and fungus and addresses redness and itching caused by the overgrowth of these microbes.

Naturally Conditions Hair And Scalp

Most naturalistas who are into diy have tried the recipe that uses olive oil and honey as the only two ingredients. This recipe is probably one of the most popular homemade deep conditioner recipes among naturals and is as simple as it gets. Some recipes call for a 1:1 ratio of the ingredients while others use the ratio of 2 parts oil to 1 part honey. It's really a matter of preference and the end result is hair that is softer, shinier and more manageable than before. Including honey to your everyday conditioner and deep conditioner is also a good beneficial practice.

Cleans Hair Follicles
The anti-microbial properties of honey get rid of impurities that can cause pore clogging so that hair growth can proceed unimpeded. Build up is removed from the scalp and so the hair is able to thrive. Even though honey on its own will not add volume to the rate of growth, it can create an environment where the conditions for hair growth is optimal.

Naturally Lightens

When you combine honey and water, small amounts of hydrogen peroxide are created and this leads to the hair lightening over time. Though the source of the peroxide is natural and the process of lightening occurs slowly over time, it is no different from the bleaching process used in synthetic hair dyes so care should be taken to ensure the integrity and health of the hair are maintained and damage is prevented.

Moisturizes Dry Hair

Honey helps to prevent dry scalp and remove buildup, becausd honey is a humectant, it draws moisture from the atmosphere into the strands to combat dryness and keep hair moisturized and manageable. Since it helps to remove buildup from the scalp, it relieves itching and combats dry scalp because buildup is not allowed to create a barrier between the scalp and the moisture and nutrients from products applied.

Increases Shine

Because honey is a heavy, sticky product it smoothen the cuticles of the hair strands. This results in a reduction in frizz and an increase in the natural luster and shine of the hair.
Combine 5mls of honey in 16fl Oz of lukewarm water and apply to hair as a rinse and watch and your strands become smoother and frizz disappears.

Most honey you see on the shop shelf labeled “Pure honey” are mostly adulterated. if you can’t get organic or unadulterated honey, do not use honey on your hair!!!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Hair Porosity And How To Care For Your Hair

By On 8:40 PM
Hair Porosity
Picture Source- Pinterest

Firstly to determine hair porosity, take a cup of water and place clean, shed hairs inside the water. Wait for 30 seconds and do not touch the cup or hair. If the hair floats, it's low porosity, if it sinks to the middle of the cup, it's medium porosity and if it sinks deep inside it's high porosity.

How To Care For Your Hair Porosity Type

1. High Porosity

High Porosity hair is either a natural characteristic of hair or caused by damage. Because the hair cuticles are highly raised or chipped, high porosity hair absorbs and loses moisture quickly. This can make it difficult to care for hair and keep it moisturized, but there are some tips that can help.

■Close The Cuticle: After washing and conditioning, do a final rinse with an apple cider vinegar mix 1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 parts of water. And before moisturizing and sealing, spray hair with aloe vera juice or gel to help close the cuticle.

■Use Heavier Moisturizers and Sealants: Opt for creamy leave-ins, and seal with heavy oils and butters, like shea butter and castor oil to help prevent moisture loss.

■ Do Protective Syles Using Your Own Hair: Avoid protective styles using extensions to help retain moisture in hair. Extensions, whether with synthetic or real hair, can pull moisture out of hair making it drier and prone to breakage.

■ Wash With Shampoo To Remove Build-up From Hair and Scalp: Hair retains more moisture when it's clean, so limit constant use of cowashes and cleansing conditioners to ensure hair is able to absorb as much moisture as possible.
5. Incorporate regular protein treatments in regimen: Protein treatments help to repair high porosity hair due to damage allow it to retain more moisture.

2. Low Porosity

Low Porosity hair, unlike high porosity hair, has tightly sealed cuticles making it difficult for water to even penetrate the hair. It's also prone to build-up since products cannot penetrate the hair shaft. To effectively care for low-porosity hair, check out the tips below.

■ Limit Protein, Silicones, and Heavy Oils and Butters: Because low-porosity hair is prone to build-up, you'll want to avoid all things protein, silicones, and heavy oils and butters. Make sure you read the label before purchasing a product to ensure that its free of these ingredients, or at least has them farther down the ingredient list.

■ Use Warm Water to Wash Hair: Heat helps to open up the hair cuticle making it possible for moisture to enter the hair shaft. When washing the hair, use warm water to help remove build-up that may be on or in the hair shaft.

Thanks for reading!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

How To Make Bentonite Clay Mask For Your Hair

By On 6:00 PM
Clay mask
Picture Source: Pinterest

Hello Naturalisters welcome on board, I will be very glad if some of few folks reading this post will contribute in the comment section. So let's get started

There are so many different recipes method online but well this is basically known as the basic, usually the same quantity of Clay, Vinegar and Aloe-Vera . You can always switch up the oils to whichever oil you prefer better and add more if you desire.


The Clay Mask Recipe

* 1/4 cup Bentonite Clay

* 1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

* 1/4 cup Aloe-Vera Gel

* 1/2 tableapoon Olive oil

* 1/2 tablespoon Coconut Oil

You need plastic utensils, example bowl and spoon. You can double or tripple the measurements depending on your hair length, weight and thickness.


1. Measure clay into medium sized bowl

2. Add Apple cider vinegar and mix very well

3. Add Aloe vera and mix in

4. Add Oils and mix continuously till the clay is smooth

5. Saturate your hair with water, it should just be wet and not dripping wet.

6. Section hair into 4-6 sections

7. Apply Clay to your hair starting from scalp to ends of hair in a similar fashion to how chemical relaxers are applied

8. Immediately cover hair with a plastic cap and allow to sit for 35-45 minutes, please do not carry overnight or for long hours

9. Rinse well with lukewarm water or room temparature water, massaging hair and scalp to ensure all traces of clay are removed from the hair. When you think you have rinsed enough, rinse some more

10. Do a moisturising deep conditioning, follow with your usual leave-in conditioning treatment. seal in with oil and shea butter, then poceed with styling.

This treatment makes your hair curly, soft and shiny. It could last for days.


Bonus Tip
You can apply this clay mask on your face, it helps to tighten your face pores and eradicate some extra oil, dirt and bacteria which causes blackheads, acne and pimples.

Thanks for reading!!!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Homemade Detangler Spritz For Natural Hair

By On 10:16 AM

Hello Natural Hair Lovers, happy reading and I hope you find This Post Interesting, informative and Useful.

Spritz is a combination of items put in a spray bottle, to create a usually light mixture liquid spray. It can then be sprayed [spritzed] over the hair, and used as a leave-in, a detangler, or as part of your pre-poo routine. The main thing about them is that they are a spray treatment - hence the word 'spritz'.

The general recipe for a home-made spritz is a liquid plus an oil, in the bottle. Some people like to add a bit of conditioner [one with good slip, and moisturising properties instead of protein]. But there are dozens of combinations - you need to work out and experiment to find what works for you and your hair, according to its porosity and density (check in the files for how to find this out).

One of my favourite spritz is very simple
You will need
■ 50% aloe vera juice (AVJ)
■ a few drops of essential oils (EOs - rosemary, lavender and peppermint are good ones to start with)
■ 50% sweet almond oil

One thing to note is that I add in the EOs *before* I add the oil. This is because I want the benefits of the EOs to be blended into the liquid when it separates.

Benefits Of The Spritz 

■ It goes on at night to sleep in, to keep my hair nourished over night (I almost never apply a spritz in the day - I like to let them dry in case I want to do something like a twist-out the next day).

■ I use it as a leave in as my hair dries after washing it/before I moisturise... I'm actually doing this right now as I type. The aloe helps to impart moisture and lay down my cuticles.

■ It can be used to help lubricate my hair before I put on a pre-poo treatment and shampoo.

■ It works as a nice detangler, so I use it as the base layer when I am moisturising the hair, before I twist it up (and add other moisturisers).

If you have high porosity hair, then your hair might like aloe-spritz a lot because of it's moisturising properties, and the almond oil keeps everything lubricated without being too heavy. I find this spritz to be so useful, I can't see myself deviating from it for a long time to come

Few Spritz Recipes You Can Try:

Below are few ideas of combinations to try, always mix one part water and one part olive oil.

You Will Need

■ water + olive oil (2:1)

■ AVJ + grape seed oil + almond oil (2:1:1)

■ Conditioner + water + almond oil (1:3:2)

■ AVJ + avocado oil (2:1)

■ water + flaxseed oil + grape seed oil (2:1:1)

All of these can have some essential oils (a few drops) added as well. Remember to shake well before each use!

A Detangling Mix for Softer Hair

■ In a 480 mls spray bottle, fill in 120 mls with moisturizing conditioner [not protein]

■ Then add 60 mls of Jamaican Black Castor Oil

■ Fill in the bottle with water or Aloe vera gel but alow some space at top, you can add few drops of any essential oils of your choice.

■ Shake well to incorporate the mixture and enjoy your spritz.

For Application:

Once you're done and ready to apply it, take a small section of hair, shake the bottle and apply the mix to the section. You can then finger detangle or *gently* comb the hair, and the tangles should melt out.
Don't rinse off the mixture, just put the hair into a twist to keep it stretched, and move on to the next. This makes a great pre-poo treatment, and you can also use it if you're about to redo a style.
It could be used as a leave-in as well. And it's amazing as well if you're taking down braids/twists, it makes the process much easier.

Tips And Tricks

■ If you can get one, use a bottle with a trigger nozzle, or one with any handle like that. They are so much easier to hold, and spray over your whole head.

■ When you make any spritz, make sure you leave a gap at the top. This allows the ingredients to mix better when you shake them.

■ Make your spritzes in small batches. You don't want bacteria to grow on them. Keep them for a week maximum, store in the fridge if you can.

■ Be careful if you ever use coconut oil in any of these. As coconut oil can solidify easily, you might have to warm the bottle in order to spritz. This means it will go off easier, especially if you reheat it multiple times. And it might block the nozzle of your spray bottle if it solidifies up there.

■ Don't add in any powders or butters, these will also clog the nozzle.

■ You might notice that the 'liquid' part of the spritz will go down faster than the oil part; this is normal because the liquid is at the bottom, where the nozzle is. So it's important that you shake and then spritz to get a mix of oil and liquid to go up the tube.

■ Try not to use really thick oils, unless they're in a small quantity like in the detangler above. A spritz is supposed to be quite light. Making half of it with something like castor oil is probably not the way forward - it might not mix will, would sit on the hair, and also will probably clog your spray bottle!

■ The spritz will separate itself - this is normal, just shake it up and get going.

■ Spritzes work best when you keep it simple! You don't need to put every ingredient you own into it in order to get an effective mix.

■ There are absolutely no hard and fast rules on what you put in. These are just ideas, but you can make it your own!

Would you mind sharing your Spritz Recipes with us?
Use the comment Box.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Increase Hair Volume And Reverse Grey Hair With Onion Juice

By On 12:13 PM
Onion juice

Onions are more than just a healthy vegetable, you can increase your hair growth volume and reverse Grey hair with onion juice when applied to the scalp.

Onion juice has been used for hundreds of years to treat thin and Grey hair.

Onion juice induce increase of hair growth and it reverses Grey hair by providing nourishment and circulation to the hair follicles, killing germs, parasites, and is helpful in treating some fungi infections, all of which can aid in prevention of hair loss.

Onions high sulfur properties helps in regenerating hair follicles, and are beneficial in decreasing inflammation. It can be used to get rid of Dandruff, because of its sulfur properties.

After 4 consecutive weeks of consistent application of onion juice, about 74 percentage of folks with Alopecia aerate experienced significant hair re-growth. Within six-weeks of using onion juice, 84% of the individuals were reported to have Increase hair growth and reverse Grey hair, says studies from Journal of Dermatology.

How to Make Onion Juice

To Increase hair growth and reverse Grey hair with onion juice, Firstly you need to purchase fresh Onion bulbs from any vegetable market near you


1. Juicing - Cut the onion into bits and place it into a juicer, then juice.

2. Blender/Food Processor - Prepare your produce, cut them into four-pieces and feed them into a blender, blend together and extract the liquid.

3. Grated - Peel the onion and cut it in half. Grate both halves of the onion over a dish and then strain the mixture to get just the juice.

How To Use Onion Juice for Hair

1. Onion is 100% natural and can’t do any harm to the scalp, but if you are allergic you can water the mixture down with a little water.

2. Apply the onion juice on the scalp and massage, this helps stimulate the hair follicles and allows for maximum absorption.

3. Leave the onion on scalp for about 30mins to 1hr, you can cover up with shower cap while you wait.

4. The smell is usually very horrible, but what u can do is to apply it before bed time.

5. To use onion and honey mixture to increase hair growth and reverse Grey hair. Take one-fourth cup of raw onion juice and add honey to it apply to scalp and massage.

6. Onion is a natural anti dandruff solution: Applying onion juice on scalp for half an hour before washing your hair with a shampoo can be very effective for treating dandruff.

7. Olive Oil and Honey for Treatment of Dandruff: Take small portion of honey and mix into a portion of Olive oil apply on scalp (depending on your hair max), massage thoroughly and cover with shower cap, wash off with shampoo.

You can also read on⬇⬇⬇

Five Remedies To Combat Hair Loss Using Onion

Sunday, May 6, 2018

How To Pre-poo Your Natural Hair

By On 9:56 AM

Prepoo or Pre Shampoo is a treatment done before you shampoo your hair, it Is good for all types of natural hair.


■ Protect your hair from been stripped of its natural moisture during wash day

■ Make detangling much easier

■ Reduce dry scalp

■ Avoid dandruff

■ Prepare your hair for further manipulations

■ Reduces hair breakage


■ Divide your hair in 4 or more sections.

■ Heat a light oil or oils ( cocunot oil, almond oil, avocado oil,olive oil, jojoba oil).

■ Spray WARM WATER on your hair either you are high or low porosity.

■ Apply the warm oil on each section of your hair from your scalp to your hair roots and tips, saturate it well, massage the oil in your scalp and hair section then twist that section and move to the next section.

■ Cover your head with a plastic cap and then your bonnet to steam your hair for one hour or even the whole of the night.

■ After the steaming you can now detangle your hair section by section with your fingers or a wide tooth comb, you'll notice your hair will be so easy, faster to detangle and will break less.

■ Now you are ready to shampoo your hair, focus more on your scalp and do it section by section.

After the shampoo your hair will feel less dry, softer and have maintain elasticity. Prepooing have hanged my natural hair game and if I can now skip deep conditioning for 2 or 3 wadsh days, there's no way I'll skip prepoo. For the past two months I've started prepooing with onion and garlic oil ( almond and olive oil infused with onion and garlic)!

What do you use to prepoo? Do you prepoo?
If not ry it ladies and let us know your feedback

Thursday, May 3, 2018

7 Great Uses Of Epsom Salt You Need To Try At Home

By On 6:26 PM
Epsom salt

Epsom salt may be basically a natural exfoliant and anti inflammatory remedy which will be accustomed treat muscle aches and sore muscles, dry skin, and even to fight numerous internal health problems. 

Epsom salt derives its name from a bitter saline spring placed at Epsom in Surrey, England, wherever the compound was initial distilled from water. It’s totally differentfrom ancient salts in this it's really a mineral compound of metallic element and salt.

1. Bath

A research by the National Academy of Sciences, explained that most Americans are deficient in mg [magnesium], a mineral that helps support several very important bodily functions. If left unbridled, a magnesium deficiency will cause serious health problems down the road. thus however will we tend to get additional magnesium? It’s Epsom salt to the rescue!

Doctors say that soaking in an Epsom salt bathtub could be a safe, straightforwardthanks to increase the body’s levels of each atomic number 12 and sulphate, as a result of these minerals square measure each promptly absorbed through the skin. (So if anyone offers you a tough time regarding your long, luxurious soaks within thetub, you'll be able to tell them it’s sensible for your health!)

To do an Epsom salt soak, add a pair of cups of Epsom salt to heat water in a verystandard-sized tub (double the quantity of Epsom salt for outsized tubs.) Aim to soak for a minimum of twelve minutes, and don't USE SOAP. Soap can interfere with the action of the salts. Rest for regarding 2 hours later on, or higher nevertheless, take your bathtub simply before bed! You’ll make certain to sleep sort of a baby!

2. Foot Soak

If you don’t have a tub, or simply aren’t all that keen on soaking in a very tub, attempta foot soak instead! Add 1/2 cup of Epsom salt to a basin of heat water, and soak your feet for twenty minutes.

Your body can absorb the magnesium and sulphate through your feet, thus you’ll still get the advantages of a full-body soak (but perhaps not the comfort of a decentbath!)

3. Splinter Remover

Dissolve around one cup of Epsom salt in a very tub of water, and soak the realmwherever the splinter is found. The soak can facilitate to prolong the splinter,creating it easier to get rid of with a try of tweezers.

4. Soothe Insect Bites

Use Epsom salt to cut back swelling and haptic sensation from insect bites. build a compress by soaking a cotton bath linen in cold water that has been mixed with Epsom salt (two tablespoons per cup,) then apply to the skin.

5. Skin Exfoliation

Mix one or two of Epsom salt with enough vegetable oil or unction to form a paste. Gently rub it on your face for deep pore cleansing, or use it on heels, elbows andalternative rough areas. Rinse and pat dry.

6. Garden Fertiliser

Studies show that Epsom salt could facilitate plants grow greener with higher yields and additional blooms. metallic element helps seeds to germinate, increasingpigment production and rising phosphorus and nitrogen uptake.

7. Hair Volume

A simple Epsom salt treatment can leave your hair feeling soft and packed withbody! Add equal parts of a deep conditioner and Epsom salt to a pan and stir to mix. Place the pan on your stovetop over low heat, simply till the mixture is warmthrough. Work the conditioner and Epsom salt mixture through your hair, then rinseonce twenty minutes.

Friday, April 13, 2018

10 Natural Home Remdies To Resolve Dark Circles.

By On 10:10 AM
dark Circles

Dark Circles are a huge concern to an affected person, it's an issue that people seek to resolve and have a clearer smoother and even skin tone [colour].

Caveat Emptor: Always seek  medical advice to any possible concern of yours and be conscious of any information received online. Should in any case you notice any irritations please stop the application(s).

Below are some ways to end them with consistency.

1. Almond Oil 


Apply a little almond oil on the affected area.

2. Tomatoes Juice  


Grind fresh Tomatoes and apply the juice on your dark circles.

3. Tea-Bags

Dip Tea bag in a luke warm water and place it on the affected part.

4. Potatoes Juice   


Grate some potatoes and extract the Juice, now apply the juice on your dark circles.

5. Orange Juice   


MIX Orange juice and glycerine together, apply the mixture on the dark circles.

6. Cucumber   


Cut some thick slices of cucumber and place them over your eyes.

7. Almond and Fresh Milk   


MIX 1 tablespoon of Almond oil and few drops of fresh milk and apply on the affected area.

8. Mint Leaves   


Mix some mint leaves and few drops of water to form a paste and apply it on the affected area.

9. Cold Milk   


Use a cotton wool or balls, dip the wool inside a cold milk and place it on your dark circles.

10. Rosewater   


Dip a cotton wool or balls in a Rosewater and place it on your dark circles.

Hope you like it!!  Share your thoughts

Saturday, March 31, 2018

6 Great Coconut Oil Usage

By On 2:41 PM
coconut oil

Coconut Oil is derived from coconut meat, the process is by grating coconut meat, grinding which is optional. There are 2 ways to process it which is boiling and storing the sieved coconut water milk in a refrigerator until it solidify.
Scoop the solid part and heat on medium heat and voila you have your coconut oil.

This oil has many uses but today I am sharing only 6 amazing uses of it.

● You can use Coconut Oil to make your own body butter cream, you can whip up body butter by mixing coconut oil and some other essential or carrier oils and you will get a great fragrance body butter that your skin will love.

● Use Coconut Oil to moisturise your skin, by doing so, you will benefit from the wonderful natural protection from sun, which acts as a sunscreen. Coconut oil has a lovely fragrance, it soothes sun burn on the skin.

● Use Coconut Oil for cooking your meals, this is one of the healthy way to prepare your meals, you can use Coconut Oil to fry your foods as well, as it has high smoking point. It's also a good substitute for butter in cooking some dishes.

● You can use Coconut Oil to make your popcorn, replace your vegetable oil and use coconut oil instead, it gives your popcorn a nice coconut taste and smell.

● Use Coconut Oil to make your hair treatment, to get a shiny luscious hair use coconut oil, Shea butter and some carrier Oil and essential to whip up a great hair oil that your hair will love.

● Use Coconut Oil to eliminate and treat head lice, coconut oil is very good for riding your head of lice. Replace your store bought drugs or chemicals and use coconut oil instead, Apple Cider Vinegar is another good use for treating head lice and dandruff
Do hot oil treatment by heating coconut oil on the stove top until luke warm, section your hair in 4s or 5s and apply the oil on your scalp, cover with a shower-cap and let sit for 1 hour, rinse off and moisturise your hair. Do this every once in a month and your hair will be free from lice.Hope you enjoy reading JULIASDAILYTIPS?

If yes, please leave your thoughts on the comment section.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Beauty Tips - 5 Amazing Uses And Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar[ACV]

By On 10:31 PM

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the beauty products in the market,it has wonderful uses, and it's a household products which can be used for some health issues.

Apple Cider Vinegar has been in existence for so many years and has been used to achieve great treatments, it contains some vitamins, enzymes, etc. Citric, acetic and malic acids can be found in apple cider Vinegar, likewise minerals.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a bacterial eliminator, it eliminates germs, fungus and virus. It is found to treat cold, reduce arthritis pain, decrease swelling, and also decreases muscular pain. You can use it for your diabetes, to lower down your cholesterol which helps to achieve weightloss.

Apple Cider Vinegar can as well be used as a beauty regimen, making use of raw, original, natural vineger, will give you the benefits of the enzymes it contains and you get a maximum good result from it.

So What are the benefits of using this Apple Cider Vinegar? Below are 5 uses and benefits obtained from ACV


ACV helps oily prone skin to keep clean clear pores with its high number of alpha hydroxy acids. It keeps your skin clarified, and washes away impurities. All you need, is to dilute Apple Cider Vinegar with water and store in a jar, use a cotton wool, dip in and clean your face with it twice a day, If you are drying out, reduce to once a day.


To reduce and eliminate pimples and acne, you need try to add ACV to your beauty regimen. ACV will eliminate the germs that causes pimples and keep your skin pores clean, it balances your skin PH levels and reduces breakouts.
Dipping a cotton wool into your ACV toner and applying it to your face, cleanse and gets rid of dirt, oils and it kills bacteria, germs and also removes dead skin cells.

Dandruff is mostly caused by dry air, it's also a medical condition which is the major cause of flake scalp. This mostly is as a result of dead skin on the scalp and hair.
Drandruff causes itchiness, and it's an embarrassing moment to the affected person.
Using ACV to rinse your hair can remedy the situation, because ACV will eliminate the fungus, germs and fight off dandruff. It cleanses your hair follicles and scalp too, another effective way to use ACV, is to mix it with water, pout it into a spray bottle container, and spray it on your daily, it will also work as a clarifying agent.

ACV adds shine to your hair, when you mix few drops to water and rinse your hair or use it as a spray, you will enjoy its benefits because it will cleanse your hair, keep it strong, remove build-ups, clarify, your scalp, eradicate dead skin and dry hair. If you use hair products that are greasy, has some chemical or heavy, doing ACV rinse will protect and wash away any toxin from the products, wash away excess oil which can cause dandruff from too many build-ups.


If you have foot odour, ACV can help you curb it. Smelly foot is an embarrassing health problem some folks face, the unpleasant odour from the foot will make you uncomfortable hanging out around friends, families and colleagues.
Smelly foot is mostly caused by fungus, germs and bacterial, the use of ACV can help with its anti-microbial agent which kills and stops these microorganisms from growing.
Pour ACV into a bowl, add water, soak your feet inside it for 45 minutes, You can as well your scrub your feet if you wish.
Maintain a clean bathroom, room, foot wears, wash nd change your stocking and dispose them when due.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Natural Ways To Make Your Hair Soft

By On 8:12 PM

Natural kinky soft hair is desirous by naturalisters, we ideally crave to get rid of frizzy and dry hair and for some reasons, we mostly fail and do not know which direction to go about.

I have shared about Tips to achieve soft hair and also How to care for our Hair tips.

Meanwhile you can take a look at Hair loss causes and remedies

Incase you don't know, Onions are beneficial to our hair, and likewise Beer, it can be used to thicken natural hair.

Below are some remedies which can be used to soften the hair and it won't cost you much.

1: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich in nutrients which boost hair growth and makes our hair soft. It is one of the major hair booster for healthy long hair. The rich vitamins found in coconut oil helps our scalp by nourishing and getting rid of build-ups. Want to add shine to your hair, then coconut oil will deliver luster, smooth shiny hair while preventing breakage and split ends.

2: Aloe vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is virtually  the best source of moisturizing and it is easily available, hence should be among the hair products you use.

Aloe vera is a repairing agent for our hair scalp, it stimulates and promotes hair growth. Wanna lock moisture to your hair? Then Aloe vera gel is one of the  remedies to hair moisture.

Aloe vera helps our hair curls define and popped, you can use it as a prepoo, as a conditioner, use it to massage your hair, as a styler, detangler and also to promote growth by using it as a hair treatment.

3: Honey

Honey is also a good source to achieve a soft hair, it adds shine to our hair, Honey is a humectant which locks in moisture to our hair, it also attracts moisture to our hair.

Honey is useful to hair during hot season, it nourishes our hair scalp, it strengthens our hair follicles which in turn promotes good healthy hair. It restores dry and damaged hair, because it has so many antioxidant and nutrients.

4: Apple Cider Vinegar

Acv is a great source in balancing our hair PH level, rinsing your hair with Acv, can restate your hair scalp to its acidity sate mainly for those with oily hair. It is a clarifying agent which cleanses our hair and adds shine.

Acv is good for treating clogged hair follicles, it helps stimulate the blood circulation on our scalp which strengthens the hair roots, makes our hair free from frizz and ideally promote hair growth.

Acv repairs dry damaged hair, eliminates dead cell, build-ups and wash away toxins and chemicals from our hair. It locks in moisture and destroys germs which causes hair problems on our scalp.

Acv can be used as a detangler, it adds volume to our hair reduce split ends. You can achieve all theses by adding 3tbs of Acv in a cup of water and use it to rinse your hair.

I will love to read your opinions about theses tips,  share what you use and what is working for you.

Looking forward for an interactive session about theses tips  in the comment section, will love to learn from you.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Are You A Naturalists? Here Are Tips To Achieve Soft Hair

By On 5:06 PM

If you desire a super soft hair, may be your hair dry out on time and you are concerned. Will assure you that there are tips to achieve a soft textured luscious hair, but you will need to adopt a hair ritual. What I mean is that you need to adopt a regimen and steadfastly carry it out, to actually get results.

Let's look at the causes of Hair Dryness
▪ Dry scalp
▪ Dehydration
▪ Over heating
▪ Over Styling
▪ Too much shampooing
▪ Lack of moisture
▪ Hair dye chemicals
▪ Unprotective Hair
▪ Hormonal imbalance
▪ Lack of protein treatment
▪ Lack of deep conditioning

These are few bad habits that can cause dry hair, now we are going to look at the solutions of achieving a soft hair.

• Applying spritz to your hair
• Shampoo your hair once in 2 weeks
• Always apply leave-in conditioner
• Stay hydrated, drink lots of water daily
• Stretch your hair with thread while midi wet
• Do protein treatment once a month
• Deep condition once a week or once in 2weeks
• Always wear protective hair style
• Do hot oil treatment once in 3 months
• Sleep with satin scarf or pillow
▪ Use water base products
Natural soft hair can be achieved, only if you treat your hair right and pamper it.

Moisturizing is what Kinky natural hair needs, it helps to retain elascity, if your hair is lacking moisture, the total effect is hair dryness which causes Breakage .
Always moisturize and seal your hair with any carrier Oil of your preference in order to prevent breakage and gain length.
Cultivate a daily habit of moisturizing your hair.

Your hair needs trimming, when you observe split ends and breakage on your hair, then you need to trim.

Try as much as possible to keep your styling low, do not over manipulate your hair in trying to achieve a hair style. In the same account reduce heat styling, it leads to great damage to your kinky hair. Stressing or putting much pressure on your hair is bad, and could lead to ALOPECIA.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Beauty Tips- Benefits Of Tomatoes For your Skin

By On 7:57 AM

Have you ever wonder how much money, time and energy we spend on BEAUTY products just to look radiant with glowing skin?

Well that's mostly the case with many ladies, but the fact remains that we can be cheap in our quest to achieve that holalalala beauty look.

And to do that, we must switch to some organic veggies, herbs and spices.
I will show you, how to get a glowing skin using Tomatoes.
Tomatoes are natural veggies and they are organic too, It's quite beneficial for skin usage, it is an anti-oxidant ingredient, and can remove Skin Blemish.

Mixing Tomatoes puree and honey together, gives your face a free blemish and glowing skin.

Mix 2 teaspoon of honey to some Tomatoes puree enough to cover your face, Wash off after 25 mins. These two organic ingredients are rich in nutrients, with healing process to your skin.

Are you struggling with Blackheads? Well there's a Tomatoe remedy for it. Mix some Tomatoe puree, 1tbsp oatmeal, 2tbsp yoghurt and apply to your face. Wash off after 25 mins. This beauty remedy exfoliates all dead skin cells from your skin pores.

For those battling with Dark Circles on their face, well Tomatoes mixture can help fix that for you. so you'll need Tomatoe puree and 2tbsp of aloe-Vera gel. Mix, apply, and wash off after 20 mins.

The benefits of this mixture is that the Tomatoes will help brighten the dark areas because it contains some lightening properties while the aloe-Vera will rejuvenate your skin.

Using tomatoes daily for BEAUTY remedies will give you a glowing skin with quick result and effective when you mix Tomatoe puree, 1tsp of honey, 3 tbsp of flour and 1 tsp of curd. Mix, apply, allow it to dry off and then rinse with water.

This beauty mixture when done daily will enhance your face making it glow. You can as well mix Tomatoes with Turmeric powder to get a golden glow.

Try these Neauty Tips and enjoy your beautiful glowing skin. Don't forget to drink lots of Water, you need to stay hydrated daily and also your skin needs all that hydration to stay glowing because a lot of toxins will be washed away from your system when you urinate.

Thank you for reading and please use the comment box to share your thoughts.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

How To Take Care Of Your Natural Hair Tips

By On 9:56 PM

For Naturalisters, it's no news that we have delicate Hair but the Tips are most delicate and are unprotected from  breakage,  because they are the oldest part of the hair.
We can shield our hair by putting it in protective styles, e.g. box-braids, twists, threads, locs, etc. Scarves can also be used to protect our hair, it's not limited to our bad hair days only.

So what Do We Need To Do To Protect Our Natural Hair?

1. MOISTURIZING: Water is a good source moisturizer, but it tends to evaporate if not properly sealed in. A butter-based moisturizer with water (aqua) as the first ingredient on the list will keep your ends stay soft and well moisturized. 

Simply apply the moisturizer on your hands and scrunch it in (best done before styling your hair). In the absence of a store-bought moisturizer, you can use aloe vera gel.

2. SEAL WITH HEAVY BASED OIL: You can also keep your ends protected by sealing with heavy oils e.g. [Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO)]. You can make do with the regular castor oil, it's also thick enough to seal your ends.

This oil keeps your ends clumped together, hence preventing breakage. [Remember, you can easily break a single stick of a broom but it would be difficult to break a whole bunch].

3. TUCK THEM AWAY: You can tuck your ends in Buns, Rolls, Doughnuts, Pin Up, Up-dos or Thread it.

NOTE- Our natural hair, on the average grows half an inch every month. We need to put measures in place to retain that length.


Some Cool Online Shops To Buy Shoes

By On 11:42 AM

Shoes are Fashion Statement for every Man and Woman but mostly Girlfriends to Ladies. When you step out in style your shoe completes and compliment the sexiness in you which gives you the attention and audience from the crowd. Every shoe defines you, be it Booties, Heels, wedges, Pumps, sneakers or sandals.
We spend our walking lives in shoes, when you are going to work, shopping, date, church, sit-out, clubbing, and so on. Shoes protect and comfort our foots.

Here are a few shoe online stores with BEAUTIFUL elegant shoes for your lovely legs. This Article will be going through update from time to time.

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● Ami Clubwear

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Hair Loss Causes And Remedies

By On 6:46 PM

Hair Loss is One of the issues Ladies suffer from, it is also the common problems that we sought for solution. Because in our world today hair loss is a radical issues suffered mostly within the female folk. Once you walk pass 10 ladies, 6 of them are afflicted with Hair Loss syndrome. However, well I am of the belief that you definitely need to observe the root cause of Hair Loss before you can remedy it.

The norm suspects of Hair Loss is breakage which are caused by too much manipulation on our Hair mostly when it's dry, and yes our Hair end up damaged.

Below in this POST are Five causes of Hair Loss which you might not have given thoughts to.

1. Don't Overstretched Your Hair:- Many Ladies stretches their hair before styling and believe me it's a recipe for Hair Loss. And sure you are using one of the harmful ways to Care for your hair.

Then we have Banding, this type of styling is another option as well, which dependes on the pressure it strains on your hair. When you make tight braiding which overstretch the hair or band your hair tightly it results to weak hair strands and your edges suffer. So always make sure you stretch on damp hair rather on wet hair. When your hair is Wet, it is  susceptible to breakage under pressure. Always stay off from the use of rubber bands or any other hair bands.

2. Don't Style On Drenched Hair:- Our Hair is majorly fragile when it's drenched with water. So styling our hair in it's wet state may result to Hair Loss. If it is required that for your hair to be manipulated when wet then please hold on till your hair is semi-dry.

3. Protein Deficiency:- Our Hair largely consists of protein [keratin] which is derived from foods that contains amino acids that we consume into our body. If our diet is low in protein it can cause weak, thin hair strands, which leads to Hair Loss. Endeavour to reduce Hair Loss by adding nuts, chicken, fish,  beans into your daily feeding, massage your hair with Black Seed Oil, the benefits of this herbal oil in reducing hair loss is oustanding,  it nourishes your hair and promote quality hair growth.

4. Don't Use Harmful Shampoo:- Some shampoos contain Laureath Sulphate which can be harsh on the hair thereby weakening the hair strands and causing Hair Loss. it's ideal to use a non-sulfate shampoo or a natural shampoo.

5. Sun Exposure:- When your Hair is over exposed during summer period, it may lead to your hair being weak, which is a recipe for breakage in the fall/winter months. One of the ways to alleviate Hair Loss is to deep condition your hair regularly with protein based products and also trim your ends for a healthy hair growth.

Note- Part Two of this Topic will be coming up soon.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Useful Ways To Thicken Natural Hair With Beer

By On 8:22 AM

Natural Hair is easy to maintain, only if you understand your HAIR. So try your best to study your hair and also to know what works for you, because that a product or a regimen is good and gives result to A won't be same for B.
One easy DIY (Do It yourself) to get a thick full shiny hair texture is using beer to thicken your hair.

Using any kind of beer helps to achieve a voluminous thick Hair and adds shine to it. It is used for reparing damaged hair, to regrow hair and stop slipt-ends breakage. Strengthens your hair cuticle, upload shine and amazingly, enhance hair growth. All these benefits are achievable because of the brewer's yeast found inside beers.


1. Pour beer into a cup or bowl.

2. Keep it open for a few hours to degas (it can be left open in a single day or for five hours and greater). The beer needs to be flat before use.

3. After washing your hair, deep conditioning and rinsing, pour the flat beer onto the hair. Ensure that the beer gets to every strand of your hair, massage scalp and cover for five-ten minutes.

4. Rinse your hair with fresh cold running water.

Tips-: You can do this weekly or monthly


Mix 2 parts of flat beer, 2 parts of water,
add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
you could add 1-2 drops of any scented essential oil of your choice if you desire.

How To use-:

For a right distribution of this conditioner, you may pour in a spray bottle and use.

Tip: Don't use a Beer with a strong smell for this.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Selfmade Coconut Oil Lip Jelly For Your Family

By On 10:47 PM

The most vital component in making this product at home is coconut oil. Coconut oil has moisturising features which can be advantageous to all of us, it is also great for cracked lips.

whilst you're getting ready to make the lip balm, make sure that you have all the ingredients needed. The most common function making your own beauty product, is that it's miles a 100% organic and natural which makes it safe for use, until you decide incorporating whatever else. All you need are coconut oil and scented essential oils preffered by you, you can pick out Moroccan Argan oil because Argan oil is a nicely scented oil and also recognised in treating dry skin.


1/2 Cup Coconut Oil

1 Tablespoon Argan oil or any essential oil of your choice.


Just know that the procedure is pretty easy to carry out, mix all the natural oils right into a pan and heat up at the cooker. Ensure you have a large amount of coconut oil than the argan oil, do not heat on a high temperature because it can burn the oil faster. You simply dont need to cook the oils.

Natural Coconut oil has a specific composition because it thickens quickly  once it's stored or kept in a cold temperature area like inside a fridge, etc. The reason you're melting coconut oil is to ensure the Argan oil mix into the coconut so as to have a quality texture before storing into a container.

Okay! Ensure that you have a great mixture from both oils inside the pot to avoid lumpy oil.

Pour the cold /warm oil into an air tight box or container, If you prefer a solid jelly or balm then the fastest approach is to put the mixture inside the refridgerator. No cause to worry over the oil dissolvong  except the container is left in heated area like in the vehicle or under the Sun.

If you are like me that prefers Selfmade or Homemade BEAUTY products, then it's advised to carry out a wrist test so as to check if it's ideal for your skin before using it daily. Albeit that oils don't have an excessive acidity level, a few folks can react negatively to it.

Lastly making your lip balm is greatly useful and has wonderful benefits for folks who reacts from store sold BEAUTY  cosmetics, and yes it helps to save from shopping. Most factory manufactured cosmetic products have chemicals which is used to preserve them to keep it useful which might be dangerous for our skin.


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