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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


By On 2:52 PM
Female virginity

For the umpteenth time, I have had to tell people that the idea of using the hymen for asessing virginity in females is unfair and ineffective. Although I have, in the past, discussed this on my instagram and Facebook pages, I am compelled to to use this medium to, again, educate both men and women on the controversial issue of female virginity and the role the hymen plays in it. 

Few days ago I got contacted by a young lady (newly wed) who was practically in tears. After I calmed her down, she narrated to me that her hubby was threatening her with divorce on account of her not bleeding during sex with him even though she had confessed to him that she has always been a virgin until that very day that her hubby got intimate with her. So she wanted me to explain to her on how possible it is that she didn't bleed even though that was her very first sexual encounter, and if possible, to relay same explanation to her hubby so that she is spared the embarrassment.

Here Are The Facts

1. First of all, you need to have some knowledge of the anatomy of the female organ so that you are kept in perspective of the explanation that will come soon. As you may already know, the entrance to the vagina of  most women who are not yet sexually active (haven't started having vaginal sex) is usually covered by a thin membranous tissue. This tissue is known as the hymen. The hymen partially covers the vaginal entrance and leaves only a small, narrow opening for menstrual flow to come out during menstruation.

2. While majority of women are born with the hymen, a few others are born without it while some of those born with it lose theirs via nonsexual activities without even realizing it.

3. In women who have the hymen present until the time they attempt penetrative vaginal intercourse, the process of penetrating the vagina often stretches the hymen so much that it tears and gives way to the penetrating penis. For some women, especially those with very thick hymens, this (first time sex) can be unbearably painful.

Anyways, once the hymen gets torn, little blood leaks out and the woman may experience some burning sensation when she tries to wash up or when tries to urinate afterwards. This is normal and expected. That said, there are instances when, although the hymen is intact, first time sex can happen without bleeding.

4. As already stated, quite a number of women are born without a hymen while some born with it tend to lose to nonsexual activities like bicycle riding, active sports e.g gymnastics, horse riding, etc. In addition, even in women who have it up to the point of their first sex, depending on how thick the hymen is, penetration can happen without bleeding. Well It is very possible.

In fact, any sexually skilled man who is patient enough can, over time, use his finger to stretch the hymen gradually until it is slack or spacious enough for penetration to happen without corresponding bleeding.


It means that the idea or practice of using the hymen to assess virginity in females is subject to error. For example, one may want to ask: what about those girls who are born without it? Or what about those who unknowingly lose theirs via nonsexual activities?

The truth is that, as far as medicine or science is concerned, there is yet to be a test for virginity in females that is unbiased and reasonably accurate.  May be in the nearest future but certainly not now.

Which is why developed countries have outlawed the practise of using the hymen to test for female virginity. Sadly, the practise still holds sway in underdeveloped countries of the world.

By the way, do you know that is now possible for women to have their hymens surgically restored even after they have been sexually active? Yes, it is very possible. The surgical procedure is known as *HMENOPLASTY* and it is so good that after the procedure, these women can bleed and claim to be virgins after meeting with their partners. In fact, there are now artificial hymens impregnated with artificial blood and covered over the vaginal entrance. Once penetration is attempted, the artificial hymen ruptures and bleeds. The man, unaware of this, easily believes that indeed his wife must be a virgin.


The times have changed. Enough of all these *"you-must-bleed-during-first-sex"* tales! It is outdated. If you are lucky to have your hymen intact up until the time of first sex, then good for you. If you are not, it doesn't make you less of a virgin so far you are not sexually active and neither does it make you abnormal. By the way, vaginal sex is just one of the many types of sex. There is also anal, oral sex, etc. Medically speaking, we consider these other types of sex as sexual activity as well.

Well Nothing
Now, to the all men out there, I admonish you all to relax your insistence on that senseless rule of "she-must-bleed-if-she-is-a-virgin". As you can see from my explanation above, she can be a virgin and still not bleed or she can even get an artificial hymen and bleed and claim to be a virgin even after she has had intercourse before.

As it stands, you can only take her word for it. The fact that some women are noreb without hymens and the fact that it can be artificially restored when lost makes it an inaccurate method of assessing virginity in females. Stop giving yourself sleepless nights. Stop victimizing your wives or partners because they failed to bleed even after claiming to be virgins.

By the way, there is absolutely no correlation with feequency of sex and the size of the vagina. There is this misconception that if a woman sleeps around, she will have a wide or lose vagina.

No amount of sex can cause the vagina to become lose. If you understand the anatomy of the vagina then you will know that it is not possible at all. That said, there are things or factors that can cause the vagina to widen or become lose (this is not even a correct description of the condition. There is actually nothing like lose vagina- it is either less elastic, inelastic or elastic) e.g multiple childbirth. I shall do a detailed post on this as well in the coming coming weeks.

Thank you for reading!


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Safety Tips In Handling Kitchen Fire Outbreak

By On 10:28 PM

Do you know that thousands of people are dying and many scarred for life from fire Burns? We experience cooking mishaps daily and fire is solely the cause of  85% of kitchen burns,

I am going to share what you need to do when a kitchen fire occurs.

Firstly, when there is fire, grab your fire extinguisher or use the telephone to call the fire safety department. This is for everyone living in a home, you need a fire extinguisher for safety purpose.

Below are List of kitchen Fire Causes.


Oil can cause kitchen fire, if a fire erupts from the oil or grease from your cooking and you are not sure of what to do, try not to pour water over rather use an extinguisher or use a heavy clothe to douse it.

Make use of pots and pans that have lids and pot holder handy so that in case a fire starts you can easily grab.

when you're cooking and oil spills ignite fire and your pot or pan is burning, speedily use an oven glove to bring your pan down, use the lid to cover the pan so as to quench the smoke or fire. Then you can turn off your gas, open the windows and doors for ventilation and move away to allow the smoke to fade off.


Fire can erupt from Microwave, Gas Cooker, Industrial Cooker or Electric Cooker. When you are in the kitchen, be aware that your electric outlet can break out fire if it malfunctions, also your stove top. So what do you do?

Below are some tips.

a: Close the oven door and turn the knob off, if the fire didn't cease use your extinguisher or call fire service office. Make sure your oven is examined and repairs carried out before usage.

b: When you have a fire caused by your microwave, you need to hold the door closed, turn it off and unplug it. Call your appliance technician to get it fixed and make sure not to use it until it's repaired.

Electrical Fire 

To prevent fire mishap don't overload your home or shops. when a flame erupts make use of an extinguisher and do not use water. Try to stay away from the floor area or the hearth where the fire emanate from even if you have put the fire off.

▪ Importance of Fire Extinguisher

Every home need to be equipped with an extinguisher because you have a kitchen and cook and there may be possible fire mishap.

Endeavour to get an extinguisher that it is good and labelled secure to use on any kind of fire mishap and keep in in a cool place.

▪ How To Use An Extinguisher   

When a flame sparks and you have fire, first thing to do is grab your extinguisher.

Pull out the pin

Position the extinguisher to the direction of the fire and not on top of the burning flames.

Press down the lever of the extinguisher and let go just to avert the fire.

Spray at the fire horizontally and also side ways across the fire until its put out.

▪ Making Use Of Baking Soda

Baking soda is not mainly for baking cakes, cookies and other pastries. It is also useful when fire erupts on your stove top. To put out fire with this agent, you need to pour some generous amount of it on the flames.

▪ Keep Your Family Safe

When you are face with home fire or kitchen Fire, get your family out of the house to a safe place. And in case the fire is not put out, remove yourself away from there. A small fire can result to big fire that roars and lead to a huge burns and damages.
Always remember that SAFETY comes first then reach out to the appropriate department for help.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Positives And Negatives Of E-commerce Shopping

By On 8:11 PM

Shopping for goods online is easy, cheaper, and less complicated than visiting far distance to shop for.  We also stay in a globe that balancing work and family life is tough, If we are able to conserve cash by not purchasing outdoor of the residence, handling visitors, procuring parking. those saves time too, then it'd be great for us. Folks request the whole lot on-line these days from house fittings, prescriptions, apparel, glasses, meals, even lense for eyes and many others... The gadgets are speculated to be brought in a number of days at to the door which relies upon on what you are purchasing from [local or international].

Our Planet has grown to be a worldwide purchasing hub just at our finger nib at domicile , all you require is a bank credit/debit card, laptop/mobile smartphones and a couple of minutes to fill-out the paperwork on-line. Sounds properly suitable? However the fact is that there are numerous downfalls purchasing this manner.
Much like every person else i see the advantages of buying this manner, however we do not continually recollect what takes place if matters go faulty. Ordering from another metropolitan isn't continually best while issues rise up. What happens if our commodity get lost in customs, lost, behind schedule, cancelled or the organisation we purchased it from made a location mistakes?

Many E-commerce organisation's use the public postal couriers to dispatch parcels, in case you forgot to visit the neareat post Office, you may not obtain your product on time. What of instances wherein you failed to fill out accurately your region location postal code efficiently? Then you may have issues getting your parcel.

There are those who order fragile objects on the net like drugs, in this encounter there are circumstances like i have stated above, this may be devastating to the customers well-being. I additionally consider the greater we order on line takes an actual toll on our financial state.

Unemployment will increase, companies backsides strain are affected, and our production pricing surges. We should also not overlook our governmental tax sales lowering, costing us extra in longer term.

Like I cited above shopping on line is so attractive. in my opinion, my notion is if we should foyer our governments to convey again a stable economic system, profitable jobs, and decrease taxes perhaps customers might see it extra profitable to get on, inside their automobiles assisting the domestic franchise.

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