How To Do Rod Set On Natural Hair

Hello Naturalisters, I will be sharing how to do a rod set on your natural hair for beautifully defined curls in this post. Suppose you are interested to read another post about natural hair. Check out my Haircare page

How To Do A Rod Set 

What You’ll Need:
1. Spray bottle with your favorite leave-in and water mixed together
2. Oil or hair butter
3. Gel or setting lotion
4. Rollers (foam, perm, flexi-rods, magnetic, take your pick)
5. Wide tooth comb

1. Working in sections and starting on dry hair, spray hair with leave-in mix until damp, and then apply oil or butter to hair.

2. Detangle hair using a wide toothcomb or your fingers.

3. Wrap ends of rollers around hair, pull hair taunt, and continue to roll hair up to the scalp.

4. Repeat until all sections are completed. If any section starts to get dry, spray with leave-in mix.
5. Let dry completely.

6. When dry, take down the rollers and gently separate hair with fingers to create volume. DO NOT COMB!

1. What makes this sleek is the technique, not the product. You will need to make sure the sections are small and you are pulling hair taut when rolling.

2. The gel or setting lotion is optional, but if you use it, the style will last an extra day or two and resist frizz.

3. If your hair is not completely dry when you undo the style, it will frizz. Depending on how damp your hair is and the rollers you use, it could take upwards of 24 hours. Feel free to sit under a dryer to speed up the process.

4. To make the style last, just put it up in a ponytail, or if your hair is short, make small ponytails. Do not apply water, this will make the style frizz and shrink the hair

5. Depending on the hair, you could get 3 days to over a week out of the style

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