Coffee For Hair Growth

Hey Naturalisters, hope we are doing good and grooming our hair properly. So today sharing with you all how to grow your hair with coffee.

Do you by any means know, that your favorite breakfast drink can help grow your stunted hair?

This discovery was made after some researchers went to work. Their findings were published in the International Journal of Dermatology and it concludes that caffeine is “a stimulator of human hair growth”

Below Is What The Researchers Did

•They took biopsies from the scalps of 14 men in the early stages of hair loss.

•They then exposed the hair follicles to solutions containing different levels of caffeine.

•They also exposed some of the follicles to DHT, the hormone responsible for hair loss.

•After 8 days, even the hair follicles exposed to the DHT showed growth.

Growth was greatest in follicles that were placed in solutions of caffeine only. So how much caffeine are we talking about here? *Before brewing a cup of coffee to drink for hair, wait and read below.

Unfortunately, a few extra cups of coffee aren’t going to do much.
Scientists estimate up to 60 cups a day would be needed for significant amounts to reach follicles in the scalp.

So that’s only about 6000mg of caffeine, which might regrow your hair but which will be too risky for the heart. Instead of drinking coffee for hair growth,  it will be better you rub a caffeine-rich solution into the scalp either in the way of a shampoo, a hair mask, etc.

How To Make Your Coffee Shampoo

•Boil a cup of water
•Add a tablespoon of coffee
•Mix with your black soap
•Allow to dissolve
•Apply to your scalp and hair
•Leave for 30mins -1hr
•Wash your hair

Tips: Prepare just a little quantity, it’s ideal to use this once a month

How To Make A Coffee Hair Mask

•Brew a pot of coffee (dark coffee, not instant coffee because most of them have additives)
•Make a strong brew
•Allow to cool to a warm temperature
•Add a teaspoon of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) or blackseed oil (for some moisturizing effect)
•While the coffee is still cooling down
•Shampoo your hair and rinse thoroughly
•Allow hair to dry. Apply the coffee mask, cover it with a shower cap(s), and allow it to remain in your hair for 30mins
•Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water

Note: Be careful not to use instant coffee as it may damage your hair and make sure you prefer a black hair color cos coffee will automatically color your hair black.

WARNING!!! It’s ideal to use either the coffee shampoo or the coffee hair mask once a month cos caffeine will absorb into the skin and through the bloodstream.

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