Syncing Your Skincare Routine To Your Period

With the emergence of climate-adaptable skincare products, people are now aware of the importance of changing skincare routines to match the season. But did you know that whenever Auntie Flo comes knocking at your door, you also need to make changes to your beauty routine? That’s right, during your period, your body goes through a hormonal imbalance that brings about general discomfort or dysmenorrhea. Unfortunately, hormonal changes can manifest their frenzy on your skin too. 

About a week or so before your period, estrogen and progesterone levels drop, causing the skin to be rough and dry. Then, at mid-cycle, progesterone increases, making your sebaceous glands produce more oil. The transition from dry skin to oily skin in such a short time can result in visibly clogged pores, creating havoc on your skin’s appearance. But there’s no need to fret. Here are some tips for you to achieve glowing skin even while you’re on your monthly cycle.

Sync Your Skincare Routine To Your Period

Change up your natural skincare regimen at least 7-10 days before your actual period with these simple switcheroos. 

1. Wash Your Face With A Gentle Cleanser

A non-comedogenic facial cleanser, ideally paraben- and fragrance-free, is your safest bet for a facial wash. Massage gently in circular motions. Though it’s tempting to scrub your face vigorously when you see all that excess sebum, avoid it all costs! Doing so may lead to further irritation and more breakouts. After washing, pat your face dry with a soft face towel. Some dermatologists even suggest using different towels for your face and body to avoid possible bacteria from the body to your face.  

2. Follow Up With A Mild Medicated Toner 

Use a mild yet equally effective toner, such as those that contain salicylic acid or beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), to gently exfoliate clogged and oily pores. Both acids target rough skin and imperfections. Salicylic acid targets explicitly those unwanted blemishes. Be mindful not to rub your skin while applying the toner because this may remove your skin’s natural oils. These natural oils serve as protection from inflammation and infection.

3. Spot-treat With Benzyl Peroxide

For those with pesky blemishes, especially around the chin area where most hormonal acne develops, spot treatment of benzyl peroxide cream or ointment may do the trick. Benzyl peroxide is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. However, benzyl-peroxide-treated skin exposed to the sun may become more prone to sun sensitivity and skin discoloration or dark spots. Therefore, it would be wise to avoid unnecessary sun exposure when using anti-acne products.

4. Apply A Light, Water-based Moisturizer

Excessive washing can dehydrate the skin and strip it of necessary moisture. Your skin can even look oily but may still need hydration. Use a moisturizer that will allow your skin to breathe to glow up.  Treat dry skin with a light, water-based moisturizer that does not clog pores and won’t cause further irritation. Using it regularly will result in healthy skin protection from inflammation and premature aging. 

5. Apply Sunblock 

Putting on sunblock to protect your skin from the sun is something you need whether or not you’re on your period. Consistent application of sunscreen lotion prevents the development of sunspots and premature wrinkles. 

Remember that our skin can still be susceptible to sun damage, even on cloudy days. The “prevention is better than cure ”approach most definitely applies when effectively defending your skin against the sun’s damaging rays. Choose a sunblock with built-in moisturizers to further treat and improve the appearance of dry skin.

6. Nutrify

It all starts from within. Clear and unique skin begins by taking care of your nutrition. Eating more green and leafy vegetables, such as spinach and kale, which have loads of antioxidants, can have numerous benefits for boosting skin. Calciferous vegetables such as cabbage and Brussels sprouts can lower the body’s inflammation. Yellow and orange vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A, fighting free radicals and promoting new skin cell growth. 

Avoid refined carbs such as pasta, bread, crackers, and chips, which may increase blood sugar and result in all sorts of diseases. A high in carbohydrates diet can also lead to diabetes and heart inflammation. 

At least 8 hours a night, getting enough sleep helps skin regenerate, making you look well-rested. When you sleep well, your body can better self-repair itself, resulting in a boost in energy when you get up.

On the other hand, exercise can release the happy hormone endorphin to lift your spirits. A good workout can also improve blood circulation, delivering your cells nutrients to achieve healthy and clear skin.

The Takeaway

Remember that gentleness is vital, especially during your menstrual cycle, regardless of the skincare routine you choose. Now is also not the time to try new products as your skin can be pretty sensitive. Instead, treat your skin with extra loving care, mainly when you are on your period. You will surely reap the rewards with the way you look and feel.


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