DIY Okra Conditioner For Curly Natural Hair


A DIY leave-in conditioner made from okra? Why should you put okra in your hair? Okra makes the hair soft and easy to comb. Consistent usage will promote your healthy hair and enhance shiny curly hair definition. And surprisingly, it does not smell. Instead, okra is an excellent ingredient to eradicate dry, coarse hair.

Okra is so rich in vitamins & minerals that your hair will look healthy and shiny. You can make your okra leave-in conditioner with no hassle, and be sure that there will be no more dry and coarse hair to get worried over. The slimy okra substance is an excellent element to use when preparing your leave-in conditioner.

Additionally, okra is rich in vitamins and minerals, which ensures you have shiny hair and eradicate dry and coarse hair making it manageable. The leave-in conditioner can stay up to 2 weeks or about two. The actual Preparation time is approximately 20 minutes.

Below Are Tips For A DIY Okra Conditioner


-6-10 okra(or as desired)

-Carrier oil of your choice

-Desired quantity of water


-Sieve or a sieve cloth.

-Jar or empty bottle


■ Cut the okra into small pieces

■ pour water in a saucepan and put the okra in. Let it boil at medium heat

■ Let it simmer for about 15 minutes while stirring occasionally

■ Add more water if required and let it cook at low heat for another 5 minutes

■ Let it cool off

■ Use a strainer cloth to separate the okra seeds from the slime

■ Finally, add the desired amount of oil to the slimy substitute and pour it into a bottle, and your okra leave-in conditioner is ready to use. Shake well every time you want to use it.


■It nourishes hair

■gives a perfect curl definition

■makes hair soft and easy to comb

■costs little money

■has a neutral smell

■creates great slip In addition

■ It is like a popular conditioner

■A good curl detangler

■It is perfect for twisting out

Happy Hair Grooming! 

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